Friends of the Show


Ontario Underwater Explorers

The Ontario Underwater Explorers scuba club (OUE) has a long history of fun and safety in scuba diving. We aim to maintain this tradition into the future.

Our Club was formed in 1965 as a result of scuba diving enthusiasts who primarily were employees of the McDonnell Douglas company. The group felt it was time for their informal group to become a formal Club. The lore is that the name ‘Ontario Underwater Explorers’ won by a slight margin over ‘The Horney Toads Scuba Club’.


Toronto Paramedic Association

The Toronto Paramedic Association will promote the profession of Paramedicine utilizing the strength and dedication of the membership. The Association supports all members in the performance of their duties through expert knowledge, skill and compassion while also advocating for the profession through public education, community involvement and political engagement.


Guelph Kayak Club

The Guelph Kayak Club (GKC) is the premier whitewater paddling club in southern Ontario and beyond. We are over 100 coolest and friendliest WW enthusiasts who like to play in the rapids, socialize, laugh, and share the joy of paddling. If you are a whitewater boater the GKC is for you, we paddle all year when seasons allow it.


Five Winds Backcountry Ski Club

The Five Winds Backcountry Ski Club is a four-season outdoor club. During the winter months, we enjoy cross country skiing on marked, ungroomed wilderness trails, off-trail snowshoeing and winter camping. Each Sunday, from January to the end of March, a luxury coach will take us to different areas of our trail system. During the spring, summer and fall, we enjoy activities such as hiking, backpacking, trail clearing, and camping.