March 4 & 5, 2017
Vancouver Convention Centre

Special Guest Appearances

Get Inspired! See breathtaking presentations and hear from seasoned adventure travelers as they share incredible stories of the thrill of their adventures. Industry experts, celebrity guests and world-class film screenings, add to the enjoyable elements of entertainment and education of the show.

Jason Allen


Jason is this year’s official host of the 20 Minutes of Mayhem game show. As one of the writers at G Adventures, it’s partly up to Jason to put words together real good that express how utterly amazing it is to explore the world around us. An avid traveller himself, his favourite place in the world is Morocco. “I recommend it, hands down. If you’ve yet to walk through the giant market at Marrakech, start making plans. It’s closer than you think, yet feels like another world.” Join him at the 20 Minutes of Mayhem game show in the G Adventures Travel Theatre throughout the weekend to chat travel, and answer some of his questions in exchange for cool prizes!

G Adventures

Nick Buck

Nick Buck

Learn how knowledge can replace equipment and open up all manner of opportunity in the outdoors, along with the importance of having the right skillset if you plan on venturing into the wilderness. 

Rory Tucker

Rory Tucker

Rory is a passionate photographer specializing in enhancing the world of mobile photography. Unlock the true potential of your phone’s photographic capacity. Learn simple tricks and techniques to take your images from ‘like’-able to stunning. Rory is a self-proclaimed early adopter rooted in the BC Mountains, and happiest when outdoor adventure, technology, and photography align.

Presented by Hitcase.

Dave Hibbard

Nahanni Wilderness Adventures

The Nahanni River is Canada’s most celebrated wilderness river. It’s iconic features include the deepest river canyons (over 4000′) and Virginia Falls which at 316′ is close to twice the height of Niagara Falls. The Nahanni flows through 2 national parks with the intent of protecting and the watershed’s entire eco-system. Join – Nahanni Wilderness Adventures – the river’s original outfitter in the presentation theatre for a image journey by canoe and raft.

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