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Explore Canada

Are you the next big travel destination in Canada? Join Explore Canada to share the great outdoors and adventures for travel destinations from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast, plus showcase and sell local Canadian-made products.

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Caribbean Pavilion

The Caribbean is bountiful in beauty and adventure! Whether you are a travel destination, offer underwater experiences or coast-to-coast excursions, the Caribbean Pavilion is the perfect place to help travel enthusiasts build unique experiences for their next great escape.

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International Adventure Travel

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring tourism to your door. The International Adventure Travel Pavilion brings together travel destinations from all around the world and help travel enthusiasts book their next vacation to jet off and explore the world.

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U.S. Pavilion

The U.S. has many great destinations to offer outdoor enthusiasts. Why not open their eyes to the vast array of options for them from hiking to biking to travelling through the United States for a great adventure?

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Québec Adventure Zone

Want to showcase all there is to offer in the province of Québec? Attendees want to find next hiking, cycling, camping, paddling, rafting or adventure and by having an exhibitor booth at the show, you’ll get face-to-face with them and their friends.

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Paddlers’ Paradise

Paddle sport enthusiasts will visit the Paddlers’ Paradise Pavilion in search of the latest equipment, clothing, tour operators, education and accessories for a full range of paddle sports. If you are a provider of products, services or information targeting this industry sector, consider the possible return on investment you will experience from exhibiting in an environment where consumers are in an open-buying frame of mind, keen to learn and try your products.

Our Adventures in Paddling Stage will feature paddling legends and experts sharing their unforgettable paddle trips, tips and must hear paddle adventure stories.

Our interactive 30′ x 50′ heated demo pool located in the heart of the Paddlers’ Paradise Pavilion, ensures that exhibitors in this area experience a high level of attendee traffic.

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Scuba World

With two-thirds of the globe covered by water, it is only natural that adventure enthusiasts want to explore below the surface! Divers will visit the Scuba World in search of information on destinations, accreditation and tour operators and outfitting themselves with the latest and greatest equipment, gear and accessories.

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Adventure Travel Pavilion

Don’t miss this ultimate adventure travel marketplace! Pack your bags and come in search of your next memorable adventure travel or vacation getaway! This pavilion offers the best selection of wilderness expeditions, nature hikes, eco-tours, cultural journeys, safaris, bike & kayak tours, travel gear, and much much more!

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Camping Showcase

Do you sell tents, sleeping bags or camping furniture? Or perhaps you represent the perfect camping destination, be it right here in Ontario or an enticing overseas location? Either way; our Camping Showcase is the best place for you to showcase your products and services. 100% of show attendees are active, passionate outdoor enthusiasts; looking for great advice on where to camp, what to take, what to cook and how to carry it there!

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Health & Wellness Pavilion

Looking to introduce or sell your products to the health conscious market? The Health and Wellness Pavilion brings together exhibitors from fitness clubs, classes, nutritional supplements and energy renewal, showcasing and selling the best of what the industry has to offer.

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